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Our auto service center here at Baker Nissan is ready to provide you with all of your auto repair needs here in Houston. Our certified technicians are experts in identifying the issues that your vehicle is experiencing and providing you with everything from simple tune-ups to transmission flushes and more. If you have a warranty related issue or a recall on a Nissan car, truck or SUV here in Houston, Baker Nissan can assist you in getting your vehicle back on the road and fully functional in no time. If you have questions for our service department, contact our service staff at (833) 835-7536 to schedule an appointment. Here at Baker Nissan, our Houston auto repair team will help you and your car or truck the auto care you need, and help you get safely back on the road in Houston in no time. Remember, we service ALL MAKES AND MODELS!


10Nissan certified trained technicians - No one knows your Nissan better
9Genuine Nissan parts - Provides true fit & performance
8Convenient quick service - Excellent for those on the go
7Best prices & quick service on tires & batteries - All geared for you Nissan
6State-of-the-art facilities - Excellent customer amenities
5Most current factory authorized equipment - Keep your Nissan like new

4Convenient service hours including Saturdays - A relaxing customer lounge, fresh coffee & WiFi
3Convenient location: 290 North Map - We are where you are
2Service drive meet & greet guarantee - If we don't meet you on the drive, your next oil change is FREE
1You are the one reason we are rated as the #1 Houston area dealer time after time. - We are committed to you, and we show it


Baker Nissan North has a wide range of automotive services for your car, truck or SUV. Click on the link below to find out more information

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At Baker Collision, our family-owned business is focused on providing Houston with the finest auto body and collision repair services for Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Hyundai and more.



Genuine Nissan Parts and Accessories deliver model-specific engineering, perfect fit, reliability, and like new performance for your vehicle you would expect from an Original Equipment Manufacturer. Genuine Nissan Parts and Accessories fit the first time, helping you save time and money.



In need of the best local tow service? Baker Nissan has partnered with Cy-Creek Towing for years to make sure our customers get the best service possible in those unfortunate times.



Properly maintained tires help give you a smoother ride, provide better traction and handling of your Nissan and can help prevent dangerous accidents caused by tire failure. When you need a tire rotation or to replace your tires, you can count on our knowledgeable technicians to take care of you. Schedule your service today and we’ll get you going safely in no time. Most tires come equipped with indicator bars (or wear bars) embedded between the tread ribs at 2/32". These indicator bars are there to help monitor tread depth and make decisions about tire replacement. Just look to see if the tread is flush with the indicator bars. If they are, it's time to replace the tire.

Baker Nissan Houston TX
Baker Nissan Houston TX


It’s one thing if your vehicle can’t go, but if it can’t stop, it’s downright dangerous. This regular maintenance shouldn’t be ignored. Our certified Nissan technicians will inspect your brakes and replace brake pads and other components if necessary. And you can bet we have the right brake pads, rotors and more for your vehicle on our shelves. Schedule your brake service today and be ready for any stop on the road.



It’s never a good time to be left stranded with a dead battery. Especially in rougher weather, you want to be sure your car will start. That’s why we offer a free battery diagnostic test as part of our multi-point inspection. And we have the right battery for your Nissan stocked and ready to go. Come on in and we’ll make sure you’re powered up and ready to go, too.

Baker Nissan Houston TX
Baker Nissan Houston TX


Keeping up with your Nissan factory-recommended oil and filter change schedule is important for maintaining vehicle performance. And nobody does it better than our factory-trained technicians. We use the factory-recommended synthetic or conventional oil best suited to your vehicle and Genuine Nissan oil filters. And we don’t stop there. We also perform a complimentary multi-point vehicle inspection while you’re in to make sure you’re safe on the road. Come see us today for your oil and filter change and leave happy.



Nitrogen in tires is becoming a very popular replacement for air, and for good reason. With proper tire inflation procedures and adequate purity nitrogen can provide amazing benefits. Converting to nitrogen in your tires can improve your fuel economy by up to 5% and increase your tire life by up 30% while dramatically increasing the safety of your vehicle.

Baker Nissan has been offering nitrogen to all our customers and we add it to our new car vehicles in inventory because of the great potential and safety that nitrogen tire inflation can have for our family of customers. Our customers enjoy a free lifetime supply of nitrogen; just bring it back to one of our two convenient locations and we will do the rest. This is a part of Baker Nissan’s continuing commitment to go Green!

Everyday millions of gallons of fuel go to waste because of under inflated tires and hundreds of accidents per year are blamed on tires being under inflated.

Oxygen in compressed air permeates through the wall of the tire; thus reducing the tires inflation pressure. During its journey through the tire wall, oxygen oxidizes the rubber compounds in the tire, causing under-inflation and deterioration of the rubber. Dry nitrogen will maintain proper inflation pressure and will not corrode rims, and helps the tire run cooler. The result is increased safety and reduced operating cost.

If you are still riding around on air filled tires, contact our service department today for an appointment to get your Nitrogen and start saving money today and doing your part in going Green!

Baker Nissan Houston TX
Baker Nissan Special

Synthetic Oil Change

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Up to 5 Quarts
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4 Wheel Brake Service

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Brake Inspection & Service
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Four Wheel Alignment

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Alignments are crucial to ensuring that you get the longest life out of your tires.
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Transmission Fluid Exchange

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Pick-Up & Delivery

With Anti-Viral Wipe Down
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Battery Inspection

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Sunbit Service Financing

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Nissan Express Service

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MyLoan Service Financing

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Vehicle Diagnostics

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