What is an In-Transit Vehicle?

Baker Nissan Houston TX


While ordering in-transit vehicles is an easy process, we understand that you may have some questions about what a vehicle in transit is and the process involved. We’ve gathered some of the most commonly asked questions below, but you can always reach out to our team for additional questions.

Where did all of the new vehicles go?

Since many new vehicles rely on hundreds of microchips to run, the national chip shortage has affected production and supply chains.
However, while the process has changed, Nissan is still producing new vehicles and Baker Nissan is selling new cars daily.

What is an "in-transit" vehicle?

An in-transit vehicle is a vehicle that is due to arrive at Baker Nissan but hasn’t arrived yet.
This is a vehicle that typically is already expected in our next shipment or could be a longer.

Where can I see the “in-transit” vehicle inventory?

We have a designation on our inventory of vehicles in-transit with an in-transit icon.
We also have a filter where you can search for in-transit vehicles as well.
We try to make this process as easy as possible.
Feel free to call anyone of our specialists or managers with any questions.

What if I want something that you don’t have?

We are currently displaying all of the inventory available on our website as best we can.
However, if you still don’t see the model you want, reach out to us
and we can check to see if we’re expecting the vehicle in one of our next shipments, or if we can order it direct from Nissan for you.

Where do the in-transit vehicles come from?

When you order in-transit vehicles from Baker Nissan, you’ll be ordering directly from the Nissan.
This ensures you get the vehicle you want without compromising on the model or included features.
There may be some instances where we can find the vehicle you want at another Nissan dealership and have it shipped to our store.
We take every situation and work the best to make sure you Drive Away Different at Baker Nissan.

What does the ordering process look like?

The ordering process is quick and simple! You’ll work with our Product Specialists and Managers
to find the right vehicle for your driving needs, put down your deposit,
and we keep you informed as to your arrival date and any changes potentially made by Nissan.

Does it require a deposit or commitment?

To finalize your order and ensure that no one else claims that vehicle, we require a $500 deposit.
While you’re at our dealership we will test drive similar vehicles, agree to numbers, and answer all of your questions before taking your deposit,
which is applied directly to the purchase of that vehicle.

How long does it take?

Your vehicle delivery will be highly dependent on your desired vehicle and chosen packages.
Allocated vehicles could range from days to months away from your ability to take delivery.
We’ll be able to give you an exact timeframe when you visit our dealership and select a vehicle to order.

Can you rush an in-transit vehicle order?

Once we’ve placed your order with Baker Nissan, we inform Nissan the vehicle is pre-sold which can sometimes speed up the process.
We must wait for the vehicle to be manufactured and shipped. We will keep you updated with your vehicle status every step of the way.